Create order template

You use the order templates to structure your service for recurring orders such as maintenance or installation. If you work with a job template during your job scheduling you avoid entering repetitive data.
The following is an order that is created with an order template. Now you have another technician appointment and you are ready with you assignment planing.

You create orders in the administration under templates:

  1. you create a new order template
  2. you assign a name to your template and then you create it

In the order template you can save all the information that is relevant for the subsequent order:

  1. uniform work steps from several checklists
  2. contact person such as caretaker, technical support, etc.
  3. task description
  4. documents e.g. photo of a plan or special work instruction
  5. articles, materials, performance

If the technicians should also be able to work with the template on the iPad you have to make the checkmark available for mobile. See point 6.

Tip: You can use the ability to create maintenance events from your job templates and automate recruiting jobs.