getting started

add a user

Users of mobile field report are your employees.

Click the actions button in the upper-right corner of the screen and select new user. A user always has his own e-mail address and can be set active or inactive by you. Active means that you can use it as part of the role you have assigned to it.

Enter the user data and save it.

create customer

Customers are the billing recipients in the logic of mfr. They are managed as a company.

For the investment of a new customer, you have two entry options: On the right side of the screen, select the action drop-down menu and select „New Company“.

(1) Alternatively, go to the administration, then select Company on the left and go to + Company.
(2) In both cases, the input mask New Customer opens. Please make sure that the Company field is selected. This can be seen in the gray deposit.

Now fill the input mask with the required data. (3) Provided that the client (which corresponds to the recipient of the invoice) is identical to the service address, they have to tick the „Service address“. As a last step, press Create to create the customer.

After the new client has been created, you have various options for storing additional helpful information.

(4) You can, for example, store further contact persons.

(5) Frequently the client has several service objects, which he supervises. These can also be created here.

(6) If you have entered into agreements with your client or if you want to store special information, use the remark field.

(7) Here you will see all the orders that you have created and edited for this client.

(8) With the help of the category function, you can select your clients. For example as 'house management', 'new customer', etc.