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Manage your business

edit your profile

Click the gear on the upper right of the screen and then select my profile.

Enter your personal contact information. Check the box if you want to receive notifications about the status of your orders, or remove it if not. Save your changes.

To change your password or user name, click the → Password or → Change user name button.

To replace your user name, enter a new one and confirm it by typing again. Then click OK.

edit the user

Click on the gear wheel at the upper right of the screen, then select → user and rights. Select a user and add contact details and qualifications. You can define the location of the user for the scheduling. Important, under permissions, you can enable and disable users, as well as assign them to individual user groups such as an administrator or a technician. For further information, please click here. Use the +neu user and delete buttons to add or remove users.

Enter first and last names, an email address for your users' notifications, and save by clicking create.

basic settings of your company

Click the gear on the upper right of screen –> then settings –> setting account. Here you can update your company data, currency and language. Your company address is also used as a billing address. It is shown on the invoice in this form.
You can format the number of consecutive numbers and define the next number to be assigned.
You can adjust the scheduling schedule for your company´s working hours in the schedule settings.
Further options for the individual setting can be found under adjustments.

Enter a name to add clients, cost centers and qualifications. For a better overview you can choose a color with which the client is marked.
Click add and and then save.
Remove clients, cost center and qualification by selecting the x. You can change the resolution of the uploaded images by selecting the desired size. Then save it.

select your language

Click on the gear wheel at the upper right of the screen and then select one of the standard languages English, German or French.

create you company

mobile field report makes it very easy to add new companies. There are basically two possibilities for this:

  1. (1) using the action button as seen above
  2. (2) via the tab administration* in the menu bar and then company
    Click on the
    action button in the menu bar and then select new company to add a new company. To access the same input window, open the administration tab, select company and click the +company** button.