What is mobile field report?

mfr is the digital interface between dispatchers and service technicians. From deployment planning to communication and documentation, mfr flexibly combines
all processes oft he field service team in one tool.

Create orders in a few seconds, transfer them to your field staff in real time, schedule assignments and record the time. Evaluate cost centers, manage your warehouse and make invoices. Everything with the mobile field report. Everything fast, simple, reliable.

Mobile field report iss a SaaS software hosted in the cloud Microsoft Azure. The cloud service provides mfr permanently and without data limitation. Work mobile in online or offline mode and load as many pictures and documents as you like. Collect consumed material and secure your work with the signature of your customer.

help for mobile field report

mobile field report help we want to make the commissioning and operation as well as the ongoing support for mobile field report as easy as possible. You have therefore various options available to get help.

  1. Manual: this can be found at http://wiki.mobilefieldreport.com. It ist constantly updated and allows you to read articles about the best use of mobile field report as well as watch videos.
  2. Mobile field report support system: in this way, you can ask questions directly to our technical experts. They will help you with any problems you might have. Send an e-mail to: info@mobilefieldreport.com.
  3. Mobile field report blog: Stay up to date on mobile field report, visit http://www.mfr-deutschland.de.
  4. Mobile field report partner network: this is al list of certified partners who are ready to assist you from commissioning tot he perfect use of mobile field report. We want mobile field report tob e an application that you enjoy and love to use. If you have any suggestions, do not hesitate of contact us.