Manage your business

edit your profile

Click the gear on the upper right of the screen and then select my profile.

Enter your personal contact information. Check the box if you want to receive notifications about the status of your orders, or remove it if not. Save your changes.

To change your password or user name, click the → Password or → Change user name button.

To replace your user name, enter a new one and confirm it by typing again. Then click OK.

edit the user

Click on the gear wheel at the upper right of the screen, then select → user and rights. Select a user and add contact details and qualifications. You can define the location of the user for the scheduling. Important, under permissions, you can enable and disable users, as well as assign them to individual user groups such as an administrator or a technician. For further information, please click here. Use the +neu user and delete buttons to add or remove users.

Enter first and last names, an email address for your users' notifications, and save by clicking create.

Basic settings of your company

Click the gear wheel at the top right of the screen. Then select settings, then select settings account. Here you can update your company, default currency and language. You also have the company address at these location. It is also the invoice address and is thus indicated on its invoices.|| You can format the number of consecutive numbers and define the next number to be assigned.
With settings under scheduler, you can adjust the time schedule for scheduling to the working hours of your company. Select adjustments to get more options for the individual settings. To add clients, cost centers and qualifications enter a name. For a better overview you can choose a color with which the client is marked. Click add and then save.
Remove clients, cost center and qualification by selecting the x. You can change the resolution of the uploaded images by selecting the desired size. Then save it

select the language

Click on the gear wheel at the upper right of the screen and then select one of the standard languages: English, German, French.

User setup

mobile field report works with different user groups (roles).
Click on the gear wheel at the upper right of screen. After that select user and rights and then you click roles on the left-hand side of the screen.
Select + new role to add more roles. Enter a name for the role you want to create. Afterwards you click create. In the following dialog box overview enter a description of the role. Under user rights you assign rights according to the activity and then save them.
After setting the rights you select alarm/notification. Then you select the cases in which the user group is to be informed by e-mail.

In the design of the roles you are completely free. However, we recommend a subdivision into at least three user groups:

  • administrator
  • service manager
  • service technician

The administrator is the owner of all rights and manages the entire system set up of your company.
Administrators´rights should be granted exclusively to management level or selected employees of your IT department. We recommend to introduce a separate user administrator.

The service manager are staff members who are responsible for the planing and the control of orders and technicians.
They have almost all rights. Restrictions should be made according to the qualification in the field of invoicing, user account administration, change of company data and deletion of orders.

Service engineer - most work on your mobile devices depends on the assigned orders. You have very limited user rights.
In return you should enable the notification functions for this role type.

create custom fields for companies in mobile field report

Mobile field report gives you the opportunity to create your own fields to capture additional information that you might need for your customers.
This guide will show you how to create custom fields.

In the administration you can select any company for which you want to add user defined values.
After the contact fieldyou will finde the own values-button. Click to add values.
In the text box you enter the name of your value - for example: industry - and then you click add.
Repeat this for any number of values. At the end you click on save.
Now you can add the desired information to the company in the text box.

how to create and use the company-categories in mobile field report

Categories are an easy way to filter your customers for evaluations or marketing strategies.
In the administration you select a company. Click the +category button. A small selection menu opens.
Now you select an appropriate category.If you want to add a new category, click on create category.

You enter the name of the new category and choose a color to mark this category. Then you save it. You can now select your category be clicking.

The assigned categories are displayed under the company name. You have to click on any category to delete or edit one of this.