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user rights

User rights are roles in the mobile field report. You can assign individual roles to each of these groups of users and assign individual employees to these groups.

roles of the user

Each role contains predefined rights. You can allow these for the respective role or not. This allows you to restrict the user rights of your employees.
Classic roles are, for example, administrators, service employees, technicians.

create a role

The role editor can be found in the settings under users & rights, Roles.
Click on a role to edit it or create a new one under + New Role. Enter a name for the new role.
In the Authorizations tab, you see a selection of the possible rights that you can assign.
In the Alarm / Notification tab, you can specify in which cases information is passed on to the appropriate users.

Please note, 'Account' settings can not be made by any employee. Apart from this, the administrator always has all the privileges.
We therefore recommend you to create a separate access for this purpose. This should be solely responsible for user management.

assign role

You can assign roles to your employees in the settings under users & rights. Select your coworker and put a checkmark in the appropriate position under Rights.