The deployment planning

You select the order overview tab to open the deployment planning. After that you click on scheduling on the left side of the screen.

This is how you adjust the overview of your deployment planning

The overview of the deployment planning consists of several part:

  • your employees and their properties (1)
  • your orders (2)
  • the plantafel (3)
  • the route planning (4)

selection of suitable employees

You can add or remove employees from the overview. To do this you click the technicianbutton. In the selection window you will find all your active empoyees.
You have to select the people you want to add or remove. Employees marked with a green checkmark are part of your selection.
You click +technician again and wait a few moments for the board update.

You can quickly see important information about your employees by hovering the name.

You use the selection of qualifications on the left side of the screen to filter employees for specific jobs.
How to create qualifications and how to assign this to your employees you can see in the following chapters.

In the selection menu above your technicians you select 10 technician by distance. Now you will see the technicians for each job.
Mobile field report sort them according to the distance closet to the job location.